Friday, December 30, 2011

Towards simplicity... permaculture in Maine

Since 2005, I have been converting landscapes using the permaculture design principles and ethics.  At the heart of my journey is the role of relationships in my environments, both built and cultivated.
The goals are simple grow food, fiber,& medicine, capture energy & water, and create habitats & community.
We have wrapped our lives in excess.  We have lost touch with how to satisfy our basic  needs in a sustainable way. a way that serves both humankind and nature.  So this is the jumping off point... the need to reskill ourselves and heal the soil beneath our feet.
So we take on projects in all areas... suburbia... rural... and urban.  Each time making observations, following nature, and sometimes experimenting.

So, I hope my posts are inspiring... and drive the viewer to challenge the ideas of what is progress. 

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  1. This is absolutely inspiring! I'm really glad to be joining your footsteps in the permaculture world Dave, and I share your beliefs about wrapping ourselves in excess, and your vision for jumping off, re-skilling ourselves, and healing the earth, the soil, and the way that we interact with them (and each other)!