Friday, November 16, 2012

New Website!

Finally! We have a website!! Check out more from Post Carbon Designs @

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

At a glance... Workshops for 2012

Here are some of the workshops/ skill shares I have planned thus far...
 Saturday Feb 11th at 1230...
Introduction to fruit tree pruning.  Hand outs will be provided. This will be the third year of apple pruning skillshares.  We will be pruning the trees at Portland Arts & Technology High School.  A great learning opportunity right in Portland.
1230 to 3pm ... dress warm we will be outside learning the pruning process by doing. Bring handpruners or loopers if you have them.
$10 for meet up members

 Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 6:00 PM
@ Urban Farm Fermentory
Welcome the 1st Day of Spring with...
An introduction to designing herb gardens and plant selection.
Topics to be discussed:
Culinary and Medicinal plant selection.
Herb spirals (plans provided)
Container gardens
 In Portland on ... Sunday, April 22, 2012, 1:00 PM
In New Hampshire on ...Saturday, August 18, 2012, 3:00 PM

 Learn how to construct a hinged hoop house and a simple cold frame to
get the growing season started or extended!
Workshop details:

A.Overview of concepts and terminology (30min.)
    1. Structures
    2. Orientation
    3. Plant  & seed selection
    4. Planting schedule
B. Construction
    1. Cold Frame (30 min)
    2. Hoophouse (1hr)
C. Wrap up/ Clean up
 for more info contact me or go to

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cold temperatures = reflections on projects of new projects for 2012

Woke up to 3degrees today... not exactly ideal for outdoor work. Rather, a perfect opportunity to look back at last year and start booking the 2012 workshop schedule and to do list for 2012. 
 One of 2011's most interesting jobs was the build out of heirloom veggie gardens at a homestead in Raymond, Maine.  I t blend traditional garden and permaculture design ... and a fantastic yield of food for a small first year plot.
 The project also encompassed fruit tree plantings, a gray water wash basin setup, and compost bins
Another project that involved design and installation was in Portland, Maine.  This is an evolving project with a home owner that is implementing a permaculture plan on a small urban lot.
This project included hardscaping, rain barrel installation, sheetmulched beds, compost bins, additional raised beds and hoophouse, as well fencing (do to a spunky ground hog population!)

2012 has already started with a flurry of activity... the workshop schedule at the Urban Farm Fermentory is filling in nicely.
Check out the available classes here:

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Towards simplicity... permaculture in Maine

Since 2005, I have been converting landscapes using the permaculture design principles and ethics.  At the heart of my journey is the role of relationships in my environments, both built and cultivated.
The goals are simple grow food, fiber,& medicine, capture energy & water, and create habitats & community.
We have wrapped our lives in excess.  We have lost touch with how to satisfy our basic  needs in a sustainable way. a way that serves both humankind and nature.  So this is the jumping off point... the need to reskill ourselves and heal the soil beneath our feet.
So we take on projects in all areas... suburbia... rural... and urban.  Each time making observations, following nature, and sometimes experimenting.

So, I hope my posts are inspiring... and drive the viewer to challenge the ideas of what is progress.